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We are a small group of people dedicated to a big plan - create travel experiences that change and expand the boundaries of how you understand and interact with the world.


We travel to sacred sites, awe inspiring landscapes, ancient temples and natural wonders that have been lost in time.  We explore the richness of tribal cultures, ancient belief systems, and the paths of ascended masters. Our tours encompass a wholistic approach to better understanding ourselves and opens us up to the beauty and abundance of the world around us. This process opens a door within giving the opportunity for an introspective look at our own lives and self which fosters personal growth and transformation and impacts the lives of our guests well after the tour is over. 




We have devoted our lives to our own spiritual journeys and helping other find their own path of self discovery.

BMI journeys are a tool to help you connect deeper to yourself and the world around you while being fully supported and guided along the way. Collectively we have guided thousands of guests on tours and have the expertise and knowledge to create journeys that add richness and depth to your life inspiring you to share your story. Experiencing life from new perspectives gives you the keys you need to grow and really look into who you are. Come and travel with us, explore the world, create your story, have fun, and live life! 



Scott is a world traveler and humanitarian who has devoted himself to studying Amazonian and Modern Shamanism with Blue Morpho.


Malcolm is a multidisciplinary Master Shaman. He has extensively travelled the world experiencing over 60 countries and has lived in the Peruvian Amazon for the last 7 years.


Loretta currently lives in the Peruvian Amazon and enjoys exploring other cultures and the interaction of life in all of its forms.

  • Mustafa, our guide, was exceptionally knowledgeable on Egyptian history. He had a great sense of humor and made sure we were always comfortable. He took us to out of the way places for amazing food and we went to temples that are not on the usual tourist list. AN experience of a lifetime!
    — Karen, USA
  • The trip to Egypt with Blue Morpho International was amazing. Besides having every need and want taken care of physically there was also plenty for the mind, heart, and spirit to explore!
    — Fay, Canada
  • The Footsteps of Buddha Tour followed by the Nepal and Tibet Tour was an amazing exploration of the spirit of Buddha and the religion of Buddhism. My thoughts on the subject were completely blow apart leaving me with a very personal understanding of the two and how they fit into my life moving forward!
    — Scott, USA

Helping you through your journey



Sanjaya was born and grew up in a remote mountain village of Takukot district, Gorkha (western Nepal). After his school at gorkha he came to Kathmandu for further study and started a part time job in Tourism as a trekking guide in Nepal Himalaya....



Mostafa is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience about modern Egypt’s different societies, traditions, and ways of life. He is also excited to share in the miraculous ancient history of his home, Egypt, that he loves.....

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Umiesh is a professional freelancer tour guide in the kingdom of Bhutan.
Guiding is his passion, not just duty for him, and he finds it a great way to enhance himself with knowledge and exploration. He loves being ambassador of his country.....


Muuggi is our local Mongolian guide who is deeply passionate about his country, people, culture and way of life and is excited to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with all our guests.He lives in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city.....

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Gery brings 20 years of experience taking tour groups to all of the beautiful locations in Bolivia and sharing his expert knowledge with others.

He has degrees in Andean Anthropology and Archaeology as well as...


We invite you to explore this website and truly discover who we are through our pictures, stories, videos, and guest testimonials. We are explorers of life and want to share these life changing experiences with you. 


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