Egypt and Lessons Observed in Transference

An interesting exploration of life.

Malcolm and I were driving along the desert road to Abydos, in Egypt and I noticed a girl of about 15 years old, sitting on the ground with her back against a wall. She was wearing a black head scarf and a very stoic expression on her face.

She looked as if she retreated into her inner world, she looked as if she mentally was not there.

And towering over her, also wearing a black head scarf, but this one patterned in red, was her mother.

And her mother's eyes physically and psychically bore deep into the young girl - and her daughter gave no response.

The young girl had her head turned away from her mother, her eyes staring defiantly and resolutely straight forward. Her mouth a straight line.

And it was interesting, 
because I could see an energetic bubble that the mother and daughter were in. 
It was not a visual thing, it was not a felt thing,
it was a deep knowing, known on another plane.

I could sense how far the energetic bubble extended into the space around them. I could sense the time it would travel into.

I could see how tightly it was wrapped around them. I could see the tension in the energy, coiled and wrapped around itself, set in concrete stone.

Energy of anger, fear, shame, guilt, offensiveness pushing into.

Energy of defensiveness, quietly, sullenly pushing against.

I found it to be an elegant example of alive and living expression of belief,
being expressed into space and time -
a micro shot of it perceived as we went speeding by in our car.

The mother and daughter, physical forms.

The spirits energy.

The mother centered in an expression of self, a judge.

The daughter centered in an expression of self, a victim.
Both running programming that create experience.

The expression expressed as an interaction, motion, time, life lived here now.

And when I blinked, I could see the mother in her youth in a former role of daughter
sitting with her back against the wall

staring resolutely ahead while her mother towered over her, 
the energies expressing life some time in the past,

just as they were expressing themselves in the moment I saw here with her own daughter.

This could have happened anywhere in the world. 

Scott Parker