Sanjaya was born and grew up in remote mountain village of Takukot district, Gorkha (western Nepal). After his school at gorkha he came to Kathmandu for further study and to start a part time job in Tourism as a trekking guide for Nepal Himalaya. 

After completing his masters in University he became a full time trekking guide and expedition leader for Nepal Himalaya, in this period he trekked to almost all base camps of High Himalaya in Nepal. When he made his first trip to Tibet on 1999, he visited East Tibet, Central Tibet, Lhasa and Ngari (west Tibet).

These combined experiences were enough to change his mind and he became a guide for spiritual destinations in the Himalayas. Still he wanted to learn more about Tibetan Buddhism, ethnic culture and tradition; in this process he guided many more Spiritual groups to Tibet including West Tibet- Holy Mt. Kailash, Central Tibet and East Tibet, Many groups to Mustang, Dolpa, Mugu, Humla, Solukhumbu and other regions in Nepal. Himalaya range has combined Spirituality for all “OHM” followers Including Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Bonpos.

Such expeditions and tours always made him refreshed with gaining spirit naturally and spiritually. He always does a spectacular job making his tours very successful with joy of Spirit and satisfaction to all group members in Himalaya. The combined spiritual trip with Yoga, self meditation and re-treat in Himalaya always makes him happy!! Now he lives in Kathmandu and works with BMI as our local tour guide through the Nepal and Tibet region! 


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