Sacred Plant Medicine

San Pedro Retreat

November 25th - December 1st, 2018


Enhance your life, expand your horizons, travel and explore your world.

Have you ever wanted to explore the wisdom of ancient civilizations like the Inka, Maya, Nabataea, and Aborigine; Discover exotic lands and cultures that run deep like Tibet, Egypt, Mongolia, and Siberia; Or discover the secrets of the ascended masters, Buddha, Christ, and Rumi. How about connecting deeper with the abundance of nature such as the Ganges,  Himalayas, Amazon, or the vast and peaceful Gobi desert. Then you have found the right place!

Explore this incredible world with us, connect with the mystical realms of ageless cultures, and share incredible experiences with like-minded people.




Our journeys are handcrafted with great care to provide a lifetime of experiences for you. 

We take our time at each site and connect to the majesty of the surroundings, discuss the mysteries of the ancients, explore the depth of indigenous belief systems and investigate their cycles of existence. With this, you can discern new understandings and new perspectives.

As you explore the true nature of the people who once lived in these exotic times and places, you will start to form your own stories and incorporate into your life any beliefs that enrich your world.


About Us


We are passionate explorers of life, who want to share our combined experience and contagious enthusiasm with you. There are some amazing stories behind the people here, come and explore who we are and get to know the people who will be guiding you on your tour. 




The Calendar page will help you get a look at our Journey schedule over the next couple of years while also delving into the rich storyline that makes our Journeys so unique and unforgettable!  

I had been traveling the world for 3 years and I wasn’t into group tours but I took a chance with BMI because they seemed different. Now I’ve been on 7 of their tours and love them all. They have become family!
— Scott, USA