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Bhutan (14 Days)

The Land of Happiness

Bhutan may be one of the smallest countries on the planet yet it is incredibly rich with unique cultural diversity, stunning Himalayan scenery, and a profound depth of people living life with a strong connection to the flow and harmony of nature.

Your journey with this mystical land begins even as you arrive as your plane twists between tall mountains, which at one point a Monastery appears seemingly meters from it’s wingtip. Landing in a narrow valley on one of the most spectacular airstrips in the world where only 10 pilots are licensed to land. 

Lamas, Nuns, and Monks

Our tour in Bhutan will take us thru the impressive peaks surrounded by jagged cliffs onto the sacred plains of Bumthang to visit a range of incredible Buddhist monasteries. You will spend time with the Lamas, nuns, and monks of these great temples which date back as far as the 13th century. Across these weeks you will discover the beauty of the Drukpa, Vajrayana and Nyingmapa schools of Buddhism with the teachings of Guru Rimpoche (Padmasambhava).

Throughout our tour we will be following the energy of Guru Rimpoche (in Bhutan he is venerated as a ‘second Buddha’), and his journey of spreading the lessons of compassion, love and inner strength of mind, body and spirit.


You will have the chance to hike up to one of the iconic Monasteries in the Buddhist world nestled high on a mountain ledge, Tiger’s Nest. Here we can connect to the energy of Padmasambhava and his pilgrimage on the back of the flying tigress (Yeshe Tsogyal) to Bhutan in the 8th century. And then we descend deep into the cave where Padmasambhava meditated and where his tigress hibernated.

In many of the monasteries we will be able to meditate, feel the energy of the morning chants, share yak butter tea with the monks, and experience how the temple’s energies are connected directly to the heart of the mountain.

We will explore the natural beauty of this country with over 72% of the country retaining its natural unspoiled form. You will be able to connect with this pristine nature in its raw form in the land where Animism is still widely practiced in day-to-day life, and meditate with the powers of Mother Nature at her best. 

Locals, Farms & Villages

We also get the chance to spend time with the local people in the homes, their farms, and in their villages. Their lifestyle is rich with the wisdom of living in harmony and balance with nature is normal. Your food is based on what is in season, and everything is grown without chemicals of any fashion, a country of true organic existence.

Bhutan is an amazing experience virtually untouched by the modern world and only opened up to tourism in recent years, and still restricted to very limited numbers.Join us as we explore animals such as the mythological Takin, countless prayer flags, peoples that worship gods of the mountain peaks and watery subterranean caves with conch shells and Buddhist bells vibrating with life and love. 


Malcolm, Loretta and Scott

Later Event: October 15
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